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A.D.D. Children and Homework
ADDitudemag.com offers a vast collection of articles and resources for those with ADD and/or learning disability. A useful reference is their Homework Rules for Students with ADHD. The site offers a range of resources (original and external) relevant to special needs regarding study and homework skills. [5/2017]

Adolescent Health and Mental Health
An Internet guide to adolescent mental health issues, including self-esteem, peer pressure, dating and family stress. Links and interactive advice for parents & teens. (Fenichel)

Pediatrician-turned-thinking specialist Dr. Mel Levine has become a guru to parents, teachers and learning specialists. His approach is to "de-mystify" how we are impacted by our strengths and weaknesses during the course of learning and performing in school. The site has evolved into a blog-style companion to information on the AKOM book and programs, and while not as user-friendly as in the past, one can still find specific techniques that children along with parents and teachers can employ to promote learning, attention and focusing skills, and performing more efficiently.

Age-Related Reactions of Children to Disasters
An excellent overview of how a child's age affects response to disaster. From the NY State Office of Mental Health Crisis Counseling Guide. For educators and parents as well as mental health professionals.

Children and Trauma
A compilation of resources for mental health professionals, working with children and parents in the face of disaster. Includes information also for volunteers, disaster and relief workers, and the general public. (Fenichel)

Children and Violence
A guide to resources for parents, teachers, and school-based counselors. Includes features on the APA/MTV Warning Signs video, discussions of the causes of violence, and some solutions. Several articles specific to the impact of school violence, following the tragedy at Columbine High School. (Fenichel)

Parental Involvement
A nice collection of articles and resources for parents and school communities, emphasizing partnerships and the promotion of reading and thinking skills, along with positive parent-child-school relationships. (NEA)

The Parents' Checklist: Acronyms, abbreviations, and slang
New (2015) compilation of today's frequently used 'text talk' and common slang, abbreviations, and emoticons (Eastern, Western, and Emoji faces), including a 'trending' list. Likely a fun discussion among teens and parents, plus a useful overview of today's (d)evolving language use in today's digital world. (Chatslang.com)

10 Necessary Steps in Stepfamily Integration
Family therapist Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D., discusses the dynamics within stepfamilies. Sibling rivalries, parental stress, discipline issues, strengthening the marriage and more.

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