Central Park

[CP Boats and Skyline]            
[CP Boat and Bird]
Rowboating in Manhattan          

Couple and Bird, Central Park

[Central Park with Henry Moore]           
[Central Park Boat]
Central Park with Henry Moore           Central Park Rowboat

Above are a few images from one of my favorite, and most photographed, spots. In chrome.

Below are some more views from this magical spot, captured digitally.

[CP Path & Rocks]             [CP Pond, Ducks, Skyline]
Pathway along Pond 
Manhattan Vista From Rocks

[Bow Bridge & San Remo]             [CP Boat-Digital]
Bow Bridge & San Remo           
Favorite Spot Re-visited

Central Park in Winter White

[Gnarled Tree]             [CP Bridge Xmas 2002]
Gnarled Tree             

White Christmas

[Bridge and Blue Skies]             [CP Sleds]
Bridge & Blue Skies           
Sleds in Central Park

Here are a few of my favorite "Classic" images from Central Park...

[Bow Bridge]                   [Central Park Horse & Buggy]            
Bow Bridge            

Central Park Horse & Buggy     

[Central Park South and Pond]             [Central Park Rocks and April Colors]       
Central Park South and Pond            
(Kodachrome, 1987)
Central Park Rocks & Colors      
(Kodachrome, 1997)

Angel of the Waters (Bethesda Fountain)

Angel of the Waters

And finally, something new and 'different' - A few images captured during the Solar Eclipse of 2017 (21 Aug).

Pinhole Views of Solar Eclipse 2017

Click/tap on this 'pinhole' view of the Central Park boat pond and sky (from Bow Bridge) to see the sun, filtered and not.

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