Michael A. Fenichel, Ph.D.

Clinical/School Psychologist
Specialties in Learning, Communication, and Interpersonal Relationships

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Ph.D., Clinical and School Psychology, M.A. degrees in Clinical and School Psychology
New York University, Adelphi University, Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies.

Doctoral Thesis: "Person Therapy Fit"
Masters' Specialty Area: Personality/Psychotherapy/Psychopathology

Defining influences and activities: Study of group dynamics and client-centered therapy with Carl Rogers; research assistant to Lloyd Silverman, examining subliminal stimulation; teaching assistant to MaryAnn Pulaski, student of Piaget; masters and doctoral research on "what makes therapy work", focusing on the "non-specific factors" of warmth, genuineness, and empathy, as well as controlled patient and therapist variables including goals and expectations; intensive study of cognitive functioning and diagnostic testing, training in group dynamics, learning theory and cognitive-behavior therapy as well as psychoanalytic treatment; research as graduate student on social and semantic aspects of newspaper headlines (published in Journalism Quarterly); clinical internship at Manhattan Psychiatric Center.

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Dr. Mike with Norwegian psychologists studying cross-cultural social anxiety (Nov.1999)

Professional Experience

Private Practice, School and Outpatient Clinic Practice, and Consulting Services since 1987
Licensed Psychologist, State of New York

Overview of Professional Activities: Clinical work with individuals, groups and families; twenty years plus in schools, clinics, and private consultation; specialty areas include cognitive and emotional functioning, disability determination, communication, and forensic evaluation; past participation in NIMH-funded international study of long-term psycho-social adjustment among de-institutionalized psychiatric patients (Fountain House); leadership positions within professional unions and psychological associations (e.g., 1999 President, New York State Psychological Association, School Psychology Division); training and supervision responsibilities for school districts, professional psychology associations, and university graduate psychology departments, as well as private practice; presenting forums and training on causes of violence, in collaboration with the American Psychological Association and MTV; staff development activities and seminar presentations on the use and study of the Internet for educational and mental health activities; establishment of hundreds of web sites in the areas of mental health, adolescence, teaching & learning, and online behavior/experience. Founding member, Fellow, Research Committee Chair and 2001 President, International Society for Mental Health Online.

Personal Miscellanea

Current Foci and Interests: Recent areas of involvement have included study of neuropsychological processes underlying learning disability and attention deficits; exploring the processes of interpersonal relationships online; Asperger Syndrome; advocating for access to mental health services, particularly for children as well as the uninsured; and study of/advocacy for mental health services on the Internet, including areas of education, research, and supervision. For my own purely personal "therapy", I continue to enjoy photography, exploration of cultures other than my own, the study of language and meaning, and reflecting on the applications of technology in daily life. I find myself writing more journal and Internet articles as of late, in areas of Internet use, social dynamics, forensic issues, the role of popular media, and the nature of online relationships. Publications include several book chapters as well as articles in the Journal of Cyber Psychology & Behavior, and Forensic Echo. I expect to continue my active participation in promoting cutting-edge research, reviewing and sharing the latest findings, and encouraging discussion and collaboration in these emerging areas.

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